The services and product range covers all OSI layers, from Layer 1 with solutions for testing and certifying copper and fiber cabling up to Layer 7 with applications performance testing and monitoring.
Our staff is trained and certified and we have the necessary expertise in the services and product we are supplying.
We supply solutions from our main partners like Spirent Communications, Gigamon, Fluke Networks, GL Communications, Netscout Systems, Datacom Systems, Radiodetection Ltd, etc.

We supply and deliver:
Choosing the right solutions for the main cause of the problem
The right equipment in the right time for the right price
Training and implementation services
After sales support for our solutions
Calibration and repair services

Our company is specialized in delivering a wide range of IP and Telecom network performance testing, analyzing, monitoring and certificating solutions.

As an appreciation of our activity our company was awarded by our partners:

2002 Fluke Networks

Recognition Award for Excellent Performance

2003 Fluke Networks:

Exceeding the Stretch Target

2004 Fluke Networks

Key to Success

2005 Fluke Networks

Exceeding Stretch Target & Special Performance Award & Top Sales Representative

2006 Fluke Networks

Sales Excellence Award

2007 Fluke Networks

Best Team Wins

2008 Fluke Networks

Persist to Win

2009 Fluke Networks

Holding on the Tough Times & Strongest PNA Channel & Highest Grow Rate